Advertising trends – By @Ricardo_maeva

By Maeva Ricardo


Advertising trends:


In class, we explained to us that advertising surf on the trends.

When you are a brand with a sustainable territory, a ton of voice and a stand out identity, you can stay long time in the minds of people.

But to continue to interest people you have to talk about trends. You can keep your territory and orientate it on a trends to show to people what they want, that you understand them, or that you are interested by the same thing.

A trend is ephemeral and it’s a tool of seduction.

I would like to share with you some of these trends that a learned at Sup de Pub.

Doing Good:

It ’s when a commercial brand realize some social action.

They are not all legitimate, but many of them use it to purified they image.

Social action is really appreciate by people, the « doing good » is a really way of visibility.

With this action, a brand can become « a love brand » a brand really appreciate by people or a « meaningful brand » a brand that does good.

Busy is not Sexy:

Or how to manage the notion of time.

Before people who were always busy meant success. We had to occupy all our days and never lose their time.

Nowadays, it’s more appreciate to keep time for yourself, for your family (and when you are a creative; to find ideas. The best way to find a good ideas it’s not to look for it)

It’s a real trends to be able to leave time.

Up Grade Me:

It’s the idea to make your brand a premium brand.

It makes it desirable and elitist.

With this trends some basic product become sophisticate.

Women power:

Some brands adopt a feminist discourse to seduce women.

But they are not all legitimate.

This talk before taboo getting bigger, brands have awareness.They are talking to women differently.

Home sweet home:

It’s the customer experience at the retail outlets.

Retail outlets reinvent themselves, that’s how stores make ramp against e-commerce.

They are trying to keep people in the store as long as possible to consume.

Like at Ikea for example, where you feel like you are feeling at home.

Do it yourself:

This trends involves the customer.

What people like the most is to be unique and stand out.This trend allows to consume customization. It highlights the simplicity that the brand offers

Here are some bases to which I cling when I create.

They are ephemeral of course and to reevaluate in a few years.

But they are accurate for some brands like Nutella for the love brand, the water Stille for the premium brand, Nana for the feminist brand, Nintendo which offers a mounting kit for the do it yourself…

But I learned in one week that everything I thought was true, have a second face.

Maybe what I just enjoyed sharing with you will not be the same meaning in a week.

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