Advice for a Greenie

Greenies is a term I picked up from working on the yachts, It means newbie (someone new to the industry) and for some reason I loved it and it’s stuck with me. So, I want to give a little advice for the greenies that want to get into this creative world of wonderful wacky ideas.

I got a message from a ‘to be student’ about getting into the school as they read my blog and saw they followed me on Instagram already, so they reached out. They wanted to know what the school looks for in the interview process. So I thought of using this scab to give out a little advice to help calm the nerves and shine some light on you as a person.

Be Yourself!

They want to see who you are. What do you do in your spare time and how are you creative in your own way. You don’t have to be good at painting or be extravagant or have great Adobe skills! You just have to have a creative mind and creativity lies in everything and anything. So be your kick-ass self and be in the moment!

Don’t overthink it!

Go in with an open mind because that is the best way to go into anything. You can’t prepare for the interview part, trust me I know. You just have to take it as it comes and be confident but playful. you got this!

Everyone’s in the same boat!

No one will go into the interview knowing they will get a place because there is no wrong or right answer. Marc looks for how you can make this school famous and a side note of that is you get to be in this amazing crazy school and get a job at the end of it!

Know the greats!

Do some research! Don’t be put off thinking that everyone who comes to the school is mad and crazy about advertising and knows everyone in the industry from A to Z. That’s the total opposite! Trust me, most of us come with little knowledge of the industry and what it has to offer, but have a look at some ads and find some favourites, note them down and see who made them, and then have a look at the other bits of work they have done. It’s always good in an interview to know some information about the industry and to show your favourite bit of work.

So good luck greenies! I’m sure you’ll do well 


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