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By @FrazerPrice



Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on improving my alpha state.


A while back, Dave Birss talked to us about getting into our alpha state of mind, namely, when you’re relaxed – ideas flow.


And I’d just like to stress before we get into this, that none of the thinking that follows is because I have an inner lazy man bursting to get out. Believe me, he’s there, but I cannot stress enough how much I value an alpha state idea, they’re always remarkably insightful.


I’ve been spending longer lying in bed, more time in the shower and I must say, this is when I’m at my most productive.


Naked with water running down me…somehow this is the best time for an idea to come crawling out of my head. When I’m at school lent over a desk, it’s hard to have those alpha state eureka moments.


It’s worth noting for all you idea hoarders out there that I haven’t actually thought of anything brief related while in my alpha state positions. Mostly just interesting or funny stuff that I’ve worked on in my own time.


I guess the next stage now is learning how to hone my state, focus it on actual problems. Although, this is hard because part of the beauty of alpha state is that you don’t actually know you’re in it until you’re out of it.


You just find yourself being relaxed, mind floating, drifting and then BAM! – a solution! But… perhaps not always a relevant one.


Check back with me later, I’m still in beta.

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