Detox, by @ethanbennett94

Ethan Bennett

By Ethan Bennett – From the 2015/16 Intake



After a year enjoying Leeds as a fresher, it’s time again to knuckle down and focus on the end goal. It was a hard decision dropping out of an institution I’d spent so long aiming for. Uni had always been the expectation. The right thing to do – the path to a job. Instead I found lecturers, masturbating over Swiss design and all its OCD grid layouts, with no real passion for ideas or the students. In fact I didn’t feel much passion at all from the course, and it started to rub off on me.

Interviewing at SCA felt as though I’d been sitting in a black and white room all year, and I’d just stepped outside into a landscape of colour. Like the Dulux ad! Perhaps I was just fixated on Marc’s turquoise trousers.

I’ve already been taken out of my comfort zone while completing these briefs, which I’m sure is a mere sip of the cocktail to come.

Reflecting on the ideas that died…

The Alter Ego brief. Perhaps I took this too literally, and went down a route that was destined not to work. A Mexican Wrestler superhero who’s mission was to save the drunk clubbers of Leeds with nachos – in exchange for a like/follow and shared selfie on Facebook. However, Leeds as a city has grown so accustom to fancy dress from all the bar crawls that no-one bats an eye lid when you walk past in tight blue spandex. Below is a link to the video and fb page I made to release ‘Nachoman’.

The ‘Do something bad for a good reason’ brief. Exploring how the likes of Tinder have ruined the dating game. A shallow reduction of ones self to a few pictures and a bio of the person you want to be. An idea to get people off of Tinder and back into the real world. Publicly swiping left on people to see how they react, and then finding out more about them. A singles event organised through tinder where you swipe right for details. For various reasons the tinder theme wasn’t seen through, and I’d found what I felt was a better opportunity to expose a stronger message.

I’m now spending these last sunny days sat in front of premier pro and after effects grinding out the videos.

The SCABs from current students have been fuelling my excitement for September. For now it’s time to detox from uni and prepare for next year. Looking forward to meeting everyone I’ll be sharing this next chapter of my life with.

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