My last scab – By @charlenethblt

By Charlène Thibault 


My last scab

This scab is my last one. So I decided to come back on what I appreciated during those 4 months at SCA and on my desires for the future months or even years.
SCA have been really different from what I knew about communication schools. When I think of the last year, when I was given advertising briefs, I had no knowledge of the 6 hats, the strategy, the 4 R’s, the sticky test, etc. … Before, I was just thinking about doing pretty, and there were no thinking behind. Thanks to SCA, for having taught me to think behind a campaign. This Is the paramount thing of its conception.
The way of teaching is very innovative, and it is an honor to be able to learn from such professional mentors. Alexandra Taylor will stay a great source of inspiration and admiration for me. She got a lot of charisma, talent, and she gave me invaluable advices.
(Btw my biggest pride is that I managed to avoid the dance of the delay for almost 4 months. I keep quite though, because there is 2 weeks left before Christmas holidays)
Although I greatly appreciated those months at SCA, it reinforced my choice to continue into branding and not advertising. I wish I could be able to join one of the two agencies of my dream. I have to do an internship in February, and Pentagram or Interbrand would suit me the best. I still have a passion for illustration and I would like to integrate Ubisoft or Disney as a Concept Artist. Still a hard choice to do though. 
I hope that when I will read this scab in a few years, I will work at Pentagram New York and I will be bother by Marc’s e-mail inviting me to do masterclasses at SCA.

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