ALPHABET SOUP! – By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein




A-Z stories. 

A baby can dare enjoy five grapes. However in juxtaposition, kangaroos like mango nuts. Ostriches piss quickly. Really sir, they underestimate vaginal waste x-raying your zen .

Animals. Bloody Children do eat fingers. Gross humans. Icy juveniles killing little magic newts. “Orecchiette please.” Quietly ramming soup. Tonight unites victims. “Wild X-ercise yolk”. – Zumi! 

Alphabets bitch! Could do. Entertaining flippy games. Hope it jumps! Kool lemon myrtle numbers outdo positive quails. Remember, Salvador touches uncles. Voices will X-ert yooty zibblets. 

Anchor bubbles clip dancing eggs. Fucking Gummies. Home is Jutland. Kamikaze licking midgets nag oozing prostitutes. Quintessential rodents salute to unicorns. Viscous widows. X-amine your zones. 

Appalling Alliteration Anecdotes. 

An apple aces an ample atom at action. 

Blimey! Binary bagels blow baby blue boils.

Common caterpillars create colourful canned corn. 

Devilish Dean designs deserted desserts.  

Flabbergasted Fig files for four felonies. 

Growths get gallopingly good gains. 

Happy hippos hope hungry helpless humans hate haunted hospitals.

Inside inner institutions, Indian Innuits invert insulation. 

Jelly junkies join jagged jails.

Kidnapping kaleidoscopes keep kind kittens.

Little limes leave lethargic leopards. 

Monkeys may move many more missiles.

Numb numbers. Never nervous. Nimble nipples. 

Oxymoronic ox’s oscillate on ominous oblongs. 

Peter Pan pits pithy purple penguins.

Quick quenching quadrants, quivering. 

Ripe radiant rascals rope restful rats. 

Signatures segment sore sabotaging swine.

Tooth tells truth to ten turbulent ticks. 

Unzip unkind umbrellas.

Very very very very very very vile.

We wee when we wee. 

Xavier xeroxed xylophone xenon’s.

Your youth yearns yellow.

Zeal zombifies zesty zoo zigzags.

About the Author:


This wacky, weird, worrying, wonderfully, woeful scab has been brought to you by the dynamic dancing delightful dashing Dean. Dean likes experimental writing. Maybe he should start writing poetry. And maybe, just maybe, he can become a copywriter. Stay tuned for some more meaningful meditative morsels.

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