Am I saving the world or just making it smile? – By @Mr_Shankly

Am I saving the world or just making it smile?

Seems it hasn’t done that

In a very long while.

Still we write on

And think on

And come up with plans

For how brands of detergent

Can all lend a hand

In this crisis we face

All together, ‘One Nation’

But the truth is; what crisis?

It’s a four-walled vacation.

As this country I’m tarred with

Flouts all of the rules

I’m desperately tweeting

All these self-centred fools

But what on-earth could old me know

About life lived like ‘that’

From the sunlit back garden

Of a South London flat.

And as genuine heroes

Risk life, limb & disease

I’m building AR face-masks

For a new brand of cheese.

As those selfless and fearless

Do more than they know

I’m whipping up puns

Based on ‘sour’ and ‘dough’.

As those on the frontline

Get paid less than they oughta

I’m rewriting the ‘comms’ 

For a new flavoured water.

I’ve stopped watching the news

Just to keep staying sane

But who am I, to turn away

At other people’s pain?

So it’s back to the memes

And the smiles in the mind

Let’s hope a brand of cereal

Had the vaccine this whole time.

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