An SCA Amuse-Bouche – By @laurenpeters123

By Lauren Peters


An SCA Amuse-Bouche

I thought I’d summarise the last two weeks for any prospective students looking for an SCA amuse-bouche.

As of a few days ago, I have:

Launched a product

Hit the press

Had work go live in Cannes

Created new sign language

Stenciled a vagina

Graffiti’d said vagina

Filmed an infomercial

Coded the perfect alibi

Baked a kelyine pie

Planned a stunt

Made an expandable miniature of myself

Interviewed a LOT of people about crisps

Met John Hegarty

Met Rory Sutherland

Got a new housemate

Lost another

Got one more

Missed the opticians

and the dentist

and Glastonbury

Had a deep tissue massage

And absolutely 0 lie-ins.


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