An Unexpected Reminder – By @thomas_ludo

Ludo Thomas

By Ludo Thomas


An Unexpected Reminder


I love watching films, it’s one of my favourite things, and what’s nice is I don’t even have a particular genre I lean towards, I’ll watch anything, be it old or new, silent or subtitled, acclaimed or unheard of, put it on and I’ll be very content …

as long as it’s good. This does make film watching with me rather time consuming because I always spend far too long scrolling through Netflix or online over and over just looking for the film that best suits my mood. You may ask how do you know if a film is any good before you watch it? Answer is, you don’t really, vicious circle I know, and believe me Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb have had a few shockers along the way.


But I’m right, who likes wasting 120 minutes on some absolute drivel, or waiting 10-20 minutes to see if it gets good isn’t great either. However, habits aside, I sat down on the sofa, flicked on the TV, and no lying, the first thing on the screen was the opening credits to ‘The Remains of the Day’, now I’m not saying I wouldn’t have flicked over if it was rubbish, but for the sake of this SCAB let’s pretend I wasn’t allowed to flick.  I couldn’t believe my luck, I guess it was fate, you see I’m a big Anthony Hopkins fan, (he stars in my favourite film ‘Legends of the Fall’) but the film also boasted Emma Thompson and a young Hugh Grant, what a result. And although I was a Downton Abbey fan – no judgment please – this film wouldn’t necessarily be on my radar as a ‘must watch’ so it fitted the Christmas work criteria.


The film was wonderful. Full to the brim with charm, character and order. And I know we are being taught to communicate with people informally in a conversational tone, and the world of today is very different to that of 100 years ago, but if that film accurately represents how people spoke to one another back then, will someone stop the world, press rewind, and take me back. Everyone is so polite and respectful, they use Sir and Miss frequently, very frequently actually. Station and rank is everything, detail is of the upmost importance and everything runs like clockwork. The film is bursting with pride, tradition, decorum and dignity, it really is lovely. It contains so much emotion but seemingly releases none, which just pre warning anyone, makes it a slightly painful film to watch. Nevertheless, I’m putting it forward that ‘The Remains of the Day’ should be made a compulsory film to watch so people can see the standards of the past and not forget them. They were wonderful standards to have you see and I believe manners are incredibly important and it would be a shame to let them die out.


That’s all really.



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