Apply your body parts – By @moolark

By Jack Moolark

 Apply your body parts.


I went to the School of Communications Arts; They have a blog where students write about their experiences; they call these posts “scabs” I occasionally read them on my way into work.

Last week the Marc (The Dean) – Wrote one – on the importance of these “Scabs” denoting the power of reflection and the way your words can build connection and help others who are in a similar boat.

So… time for a quick reflection/scab.

I’m a Creative Director now at, but some words have stayed with me since my time at SCA ( 8 years ago)

John Hegarty – Moolark… “Your thinking is unreasonable.”
In retrospect, I think John was getting at the fact I could not ground my vision in the realities of real-world advertising/branding.

Respecting the role that “Brand” plays and the responsibility that comes with reimagining them for today’s expectations/interactions comes with experience, fucking up, wasting money, feeling the repercussions of your ideas. But in my defense, I have found what is too intense for one client is too diluted for another, you get a feel for this, empathy for the people behind the brands. You can lead them into the unknown and deliver the unreasonable.

I had a  mentor at SCA, Ben Scott Robison before he hired me he said: “You haven’t got the skills, But I like you, and I can teach you the skills, but I can’t teach me to like you.”

What Ben was referring to was “craft” and the fact I lacked in it.
Learn to draw, get real good, storyboarding, visualising, websites, apps, giant hamster wheels get your pencils out, use SketchUp, then learn C4D, master documents layouts, type, kerning, prototyping, page weights, Pantone, play with everything Adobe has to offer! And find better tools  (Davinci, Sketch, others)  and have a crack with them.

Learn to write, emails, treatments, proposals, documents, agendas, I’m dyslexic it is not easy, but words are crucial to unlocking the art of persuasion, just like you wouldn’t wear a suit of armor to a funeral don’t use the same vernacular across ideation and implementation, client colleagues, strategy and the surreal .

Because at the end of the day It’s not about your output; it is about the process. Learn to love the “polish, polish, polish” another thing Ben used to preach when he was my Creative Director.

Paul Brazier, “That’s what the introverts want you to think.” The context of the exchange with Paul was around “culture.” when you join an agency, it is what makes or breaks the place. I was worried there wasn’t space for a weird loner like myself, but he assured me the industry’s run by the introverts they have just convinced the extroverts that it’s their show.

Find the right agency, and he’s right, they are a platform for the unheard and a way for your skills to outshine others’ shouting. These bright individuals will form your network, and they will dictate your, net -worth”.

SCA is all about learning Vision, Craft, Culture, Head, hand and heart (it’s the logo). Being able to paint your vision, master your craft, and make time for your team/cultivate culture makes you more self-sufficient; it gives you the freedom to turn your ideas from ambition into actions, visualise plans, and proposals that win recognition and respect. SCA Apply your body parts.

If you are a student that is interested in Vision, Craft, Culture, Holla

Jack Moolark

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