Are you sitting comfortably? Don’t. By @NickJLindo

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By Nick Lindo


Are you sitting comfortably? Don’t.

As they say, a place is shaped by the people who inhabit it.


And it’s something that we have seen happen during these first weeks at SCA.


From the work we produce to the way in which we present it – our collective identity at Coup is becoming more clearly defined.


It’s a great thing to be part of – you learn each other’s quirks, strengths and foibles; you understand what values are shared and you learn how to navigate your way through your work as a group.


But with this process comes something that I feel can threaten our success – that something being comfort.


Laura spoke in a reflection session about how we should celebrate each other’s work and support one another to succeed. I absolutely agree –


But I also feel that if we become too closed and overly comfortable as a group we risk firstly losing our hunger to stand out and secondly we risk forgetting that our competition extends beyond the walls of our studio.


It is easy to feel as if you’re really nailing your work if a particular brief goes well – but we need to be mindful of the fact that ultimately our work will be judged relative to the every creative portfolio out there.


I’m not saying we foster a hardball culture where everyone is trying to elbow their way to the top.


But I do think we should celebrate the fact that when a classmate outdoes your work and you get that feeling of envy and frustration, you are driven to beat them at the next available opportunity.


We are all capable of achieving great work – a competitive environment is just one of the tools that will help us achieve it.

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