5 ways to reinvent yourself

Recently I’ve felt like I’ve needed to shake things up and start taking heavier steps towards my career, becoming a distinguished character in the industry and pulling in the reigns on my future. In order to do this, I decided I needed a little revamp – a rebirth if you will. I have decided to write this post on a few ways that, and you can reinvent yourself whilst still staying true to who you are and your bottom line.

  1. Change your mindset by picking up a mindfulness practice. Practicing gratitude is one of the ways you can do this. This is something that has been reinforced by SCA on the very first day. I like to take gratitude walks in the evening and do things very simply such as being grateful for the air, grateful for the beautiful trees, grateful for my feet, hands and eyes. You can then move on to finding 2 things to be grateful for that happened in the last 24 hours. Gratitude leads to positive thinking and positive thinking leads to positive outcomes even during adversity. Reinvent the way you process things.
  2. Starting a new hobby or continuing an old one that you may have stopped. For me that has been painting and swimming. It feels really accomplished being able to say “I currently go swimming every week” or “I paint in my spare time” rather than “I used to paint when I was younger”. Hobbies can ground you and help you to focus on your bottom line whether that is to relax more or world domination.
  3. Choose your clothing consciously. Finding colours, patterns and cuts with a purpose. Styles that reflect who you are now and who you’d like to be. I’ve started consciously dressing to fit my mood and the vibe I’d like to portray that day. If you’re feeling rebellious clash your patterns, if you’re feeling prim match yellow top, yellow bottoms, yellow socks and so on! Fashion makes such a statement to the world, it’s a great way to revamp what you portray.
  4. Switch your surroundings. One of the best ways to reinvent yourself is by surrounding yourself with new people, placing yourself in a room that reflects who you’d like to be and where you would like to go. If you would like to be the best at something, surround yourself
    with people who are even more obsessed with it than you are!


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