Ask Yourself Why @ChristianAasber

By Christian Aasberg

Why is it that two brands Selling the exact same thing, is not equally famous?

What is it that makes a consumer Pick one brand over another?

Who is it that benefits from the fact that a handfull of brands is going to end up opening everything?

Where does the loyalty to a brand lie, in the quality or the brand it self?

How do the brand persuade you to buy their product? 

I bet you can write an entire book about the 5 questions above, or just read one of the books allready written about the subject, and you are going to get a full explenation and in depth descriptions about the research done on the subject and a lot of other jibberish that is just written to fill in the blank pages in the book. 

It’s really not something I believe you need to read about, because you have the answer yourself, you are the consumer, you know yourself best, and honestly No latter How much research is done, No one But yourself can really tell you How you react to those 5 questions and why you do as you do. 

But I do on the other hand believe it is 5 questions worth asking yourself, because as a consumer you dictate which brands rise and which brands crashes to the ground. You may not Think that is true, But when you buy a specific brand you influence others around you.

So How come to brands Selling the same thing is not equally famous? Well my opinion as a consumer and advertising student, is the brand itself, if you have a better brand a better story to tell I believe that in many cases, even though your product is worse than the competitor, a consumer Will Pick your brand because the simply like it better. What do you Think?

What makes us chose one brand over another? I admit that I follow the wave sometimes and Pick the brand that everyone else picks, it’s human Nature to follow others and do as they do, in that Way We make it extremely hard for start ups who may have an even product, But We just don’t see it. So why do you choose a brand? 

Who benefits from this bandwagon mindset? 

Well definitly not the consumer, if lets say 5-10 brands own almost everything some years into the future, How do you Think that will influence you? In a bad Way? In a good Way? Think it over, your thoughts might just suprise you if you play that scenario in your head.

Where does the loyalty Lie? Well I can´t really tell you, because honestly I don´t know, some people have a Deep loyalty towards certain brands, but most of us just go with a Brand because it´s familiar, we know what we get and we like that, most people are afraid of the new and unknown, in my opinión. But ask yourself why you are loyal to a Brand and are you really loyal and why don´t you try something new next time

How does the Brand persuade you? Well most of the times it is where I come in, or I will when I am finished in school. My job is to créate something that makes you look on a Brand in a different way, or go to a website and click buy or make sure you don´t switch to the competitor. Don´t get me wrong I love what I do, and the job is much more tan that, that description is just how I have Heard others speak about people that is in advertising, some people like what we do, others hate it. So what made a Brand pursuade you to buy their product? was it from an advert or maybe a friend recommended it or something completely different.  

This may be a bit controversial for an advertising student to write, but really, the less brands that controls the market, the less creatives are there probably a need for, so maybe I am just trying to make you buy less known brands, so that more brands will exist and there is a better chance for me to have a job in the future. Maybe this is just like an advert, you will never know, because the best advertisement, does not look like advertisement. 

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