azealia banks on hot97, by @YOxSHOSHO

Sokaina Aliouate

By Sokaina Aliouate – From the 2015/16 Intake


azealia banks on hot97


please don’t read this. like for real. please?!


*so i have to write, 250? 500 words?? i’ll start off by some vague metaphor that i’ll close with at the end of this blog to then launch into a convenient timed roadblock in my life that I struggled with but though I couldn’t see it then, eventually turned out to be the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I now sort of subtly brag about my previous placements and accomplishments whilst still pretending to be very humble about it, (still really wanting to emphasize on all I’ve accomplished though), but despite all those things I’ve still never quite felt they were the right paths/places for me.


I shall continue to wax lyrical about my impressive back story/life featuring several colourful analogies and profound metaphors, that would somehow correlate with me finally getting my life together and starting anew. and most importantly, remember that clear hint of irony throughout the whole text.


I continue by enthusiastically expressing my excitement and strong ambitions for this coming year of ”craziness”..yada yada yada…


All the while, in reality, I’m in a continuous state of immense confusion and consistently lost, deep in inertia.


I don’t have a great conclusion (what a shocker after this great, thrilling, emotional yet concrete narrative structure i’ve presented) consisting of a great realization regarding my past ways and the various obstacles i’ve met through this roller-coaster ride we call life..hehehe, only to reveal my new outlook on it and all the new lessons I’ve learnt along the way that will solely continue to help me (and you) improve upon myself. (yourself).*

i’ll probably realize all of this soon though. I’m pretty sure. just stay tune. watch this space.. (i mean, the next scab probs)


Nah, but 4 real…i’m so glad to have been given a spot at this incredible school. to learn from the best and experience the best. And I will definitely love being able to brag about about it.


is that it?


ok love,

//no contribution to society.


*i use faint forms of humour as a defense mechanism)

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