Badvent calendar 2

It’s D&AD season and everyone is going mad for propositions. Students at SCA are coming up with really good ideas which you’ll be able to see in a few weeks.

Until then, you’re stuck with more terrible SMPs from the author of the original Badvent Calendar.

To make things more interesting, this time I’m starting every SMP with the same first letter as the company it’s about.

There’s absolutely no practical reason for doing this.

A – Adidas

Absolutely shoes you could put your feet into.

B – Boeing

Bird? Plane? Yes, it is a plane, and that plane is a Boeing 737. The most popular commercial aircraft type in 2022.

C – Coca-cola

Coca-cola always tastes the same, why not taste it again?

D – Disney

Don’t you want to watch a TV show or movie created by Disney?!

E – Ebay

Exchange, buy, sell. Actually, don’t exchange. That’s not one of the options available on Ebay.

F – Facebook

Friends? Or people you were friends with 15 years ago?

G – Google

Google it.

H – Honda

Hear it before you see it, unless it’s electric, then you might see it before you hear it. Honda.

I – In-N-Out Burger

In you come, burger you eat, out you go.

J –

Just shoes? No! JD don’t just sell shoes, they sell a range of other sportswear products. Come see them all at a JD shop in your local or surrounding area.

K – Kelloggs

Kan you Kellogg? Yes you Kan!

L – Lego

Lesgo play with Lego!

M – Microsoft

Making things more computery since 1975.

N – New Balance

New shoes, new shorts, new t-shirts, new hats, new socks, new sweatbands, new sandals, new jackets, new trousers. New Balance. Get something new you cheapskate.

O – Orange

Orange you glad the future is here?

P – Pfizer

Pfind your pfavourites.

Q – Qantas airways

Quick holiday anyone?

R – Ralph Lauren

Redesign your wardrobe with Ralph Lauren… (I don’t even know at this point)

S – Shell

We shell petrol, we shell adventure.

T – Twitter

Twitter twatter pitter patter go on twitter twit a matter.

U – Under Armour

Under your main shirt wear another thin shirt.

V – Volvo

Vans? You’re in the wrong place mate.

W – Walmart

Walls? You’re in the wrong mart mate.

X – ?


Y – Yahoo!

Yoohoo! We’re still here!

Z – Zara

Zip it up, zip it down, zip it round. Some of our clothing has zips.




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