The asscrack of dawn.

There are few things I enjoy more than sleeping in. Falling into bed and turning my morning alarm off? You can’t beat it. I haven’t done a lot of that since starting at SCA. In fact, I’ve been doing quite the opposite, getting up at, as the title of this SCAB might have suggested, the asscrack of dawn. Why? I ask myself that every morning and am yet to find an answer that doesn’t boil down to ‘Kat stupid’ but for now, it’s habit. So here’s a look at what I’m up to at the asscrack of dawn.

5:30 am 

My alarm is shouting at me. Shut up.

5:32 am

Following a violent vomit of expletives, I hit snooze and am now desperately trying to convince myself I’ve got 3 or 4 more hours left to sleep. 

I’ve got 10 minutes.

5:36 am

We’re waist deep in the delusion now.

5:37 am

Any second now.

5:38 am

Maybe I’ve actually got a couple hours here?

5:40 am

…aaaaaaaaaaaand we’re up.

5:50 am

I’m outside now. 

It’s cold. It’s really cold. 

Why am I wearing shorts? 

It’s quiet.

The streetlights look nice.

Is that a fox or a really big rat?

5:55 am

Halfway there. 

It’s not too late to turn back is it?

5:58 am

The pre-workout is beginning to kick in or I’m about to have a stroke.

Not sure.

6:00 am

The lights are on, good. I can hear trainers pounding against the treadmills inside. 

6:02 am

Up the stairs and into the warmth. I’m in.

6:15 am

Warmed up. 

6:45 am

I think I pulled something.

6:55 am

This is easy.

7:15 am

This is most certainly not easy.

7:35 am

…I’ve gotta go, gonna be late.

8:30 am

…yeah…I definitely pulled something…

8:45 am

…god-damnit. I’ve got a SCAB to write.

In Summary,

Sleep Good. Habits Better. SCAB Done.


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