Balance. By @NickJLindo

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By Nick Lindo



Balance is a huge part of SCA 2.0.

Do I concentrate on strategy or creative?

Do I work late or early or both?

Do I pick my battles or do I prioritise one brief over others?

My latest balancing act has been about my (and Seb’s) portfolio.

And the question is whether to make a book that we want to show or to make a book that we feel the agency would want to see.

The first one means we’d be showing our personality.

The second means that our chances of securing a job might be higher.

But does it?

Seb and I have taken some risks lately.

We’re putting work in front of people that makes us feel nervous.

Work that could, maybe close off an option.

But, as we’ve found out, showing your personality is incredibly important.

This whole dilemma reminds me of something Marc said last week.

Do you want any job or a particular job?

I want a particular job.

I want to be working with people who excite me and who enable me to make the work I like to make.

So instead of seeing a rejection of our ‘personality’ portfolio as a bad thing – I think it’s fair to see it as a sign that maybe that agency would not be for us.

Let’s see if I stand by that come July…

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