Be The Best  – By @Mam4tt

By Mathieu Massé


Be The Best 

Alexandra Taylor. What a woman! During her first masterclass, I was a bit disappointed. It was too short, inspiring but too short. So when I learn that she will give us another MC I wasn’t expecting anything. Oh my god, I was wrong. When she clicked on the play button to show us her work for the British Army and when I heard Smell Like Teens Spirit playing on the speakers, my heart stopped for a second. I knew I was watching a masterpiece. I had chills for 5 mins. And Alex was just standing there listening and nodding. 
After that, she told us what was her process during the creation of this masterpiece, her advice on what does that mean to be Art Director. I have never met someone who inspired me that much in the industry. I met a few great creatives but it was all the time the same song: “it’s a great job”, “Awards are important to have good placement” etc. Of course, Alex told us about her awards, but damn she deserves them so much! The way she worked on every detail, the way she trusted her teams, this what Art direction should always look like. 
I wish I could use a time machine to get back at the time she was working on the “Be the Best” campaign and just watch her.  Learn from her and get more inspired.
You won’t probably read this SCAB, but anyway, thank you for that moment, Miss Taylor.

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