SCAB 2.0 – By @DavidKorhonen4

By David Korhonen


SCAB 2.0


While procrastinating this week, I came across a video I saw months ago about AI. It was the animated face of Mona Lisa by a Samsung’s AI technology, and it felt so real. 


In fact, my thoughts went straight to the general topic of AI: what it means to use the word. How does it relate to law? What if the use of AI actually makes this technology more dangerous than it already is? What are some of the biggest myths about AI?


My overwhelming impression is that the vast majority of people don’t know enough about AI and have therefore blocked themselves from the transformation it presents in the future. This is mainly true in relation to the UK and the developed world, but I believe the problem is much larger than we realize. Perhaps this was the case before the publishing of Deep Blue, but the fact that human intuition is hard to replicate in the digital world is just now being noticed.


Alex Graf, a social psychologist at MIT who is working on predictive text analytics, has written about the “mismatch effect” in detail, and has shown in his own research that he often can tell ahead of time which articles are likely to be popular, even before humans have seen them. 


The people most likely to grasp the new ideas will be those who are already doing interesting things with AI, already have startups or have developed their own AI technology. This means young people, not necessarily technical. The problem is that it’s often hard for someone without technical training to understand how AI works and to connect those dots when somebody else has clearly spent time training AI.


It’s always easy to teach a technical person how to do something, but to understand AI, it’s harder. It’s possible to get around this with better written scripts, a free book or tutorial, or by visiting some of the more mainstream AI conferences, but the price of entering the AI world is a lot of money and time investment for an inexperienced programmer.


Now, the search for true ‘cognitive computing’ has gone beyond the academic, into the huge multi-billion dollar industry it was already based upon. No matter what you want to do with AI, whether it’s singularity, personal assistants, brain emulation, etc., I am convinced that something like DeepMind will soon be the first company that succeeds, and that the company will be worth billions.


What’s awesome with AI is that it talk about itself better than anyone. I’m not sure you noticed, but besides the first little paragraph, I didn’t write a single sentence. They all were AI-generated. With only a few sentences, it is able to understand the point I want to talk about, add information and point of view and keep the same tone of voice. And this for as many contents I need. If this SCAB had been 2000 words, it wouldn’t have taken me any longer, which is as awesome as scary. AI is kinda scary yeah. But hey, I maybe won’t have to write SCABs anymore.


However because it’s not yet perfect, here are some sentences I got after putting my first paragraph:


“When I studied this piece of animation, the words didn’t make sense. I was worried I was going to become exhausted by the conversational AI (it was from Samsung’s VR app) and tell my mom it had met Siri or Goofus.”


“Where The Toilet Species Comes From It’s strange enough to find an ancient paper rather than my usual toilet paper; when I finally pulled out the tissue, it started spilling out. To go back to earth, I looked inside the empty bag. Under the crust of the paper, I could read three letters, and on the flap was a QR code. The code, I found out later, is the feline. tphoo/s and he was quite clearly there. I brought him to my house, and he saw me and began to call me “jill”.”


“This video is just as wonderful as it looked.

Not to diss mona. 

I hope this post might help out the other summer are by sharing some of the summer activities you may like to do. If not, remember I am still working and will post some additional attractions (July) later this week. The pizza is almost here.

Happy summer!”


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