Being on the same team. – By @hcntweet

Being on the same team. 

One of the weirdest things about this industry is the partner situation. 

The work is made for a team of two – ideas don’t live in your own head, and it’s easy to be convinced you’ve got a good one till you say it out loud. But the notion of two people coupling up to climb the career ladder together is odd. 

I’m an extrovert – I’ll always choose a room full of people over a quiet space – but even I was dubious before SCA. Would I click with anyone? What if my taste didn’t match up with anyone else’s? Would anyone get a proper impression of me through a computer screen? 

This self-confessed school of ‘oddballs and misfits’ is the best place to meet potential partners. We’re all different, more so than the demographic of the average University course or workplace. I’ve loved swapping between partners to find that, sometimes, the people you deem most different to you are on your wavelength creatively. 

But as an online student, there’s something missing. When Friday night comes around and we’re frazzled from a long week, I’d pay a lot for a pint in POP with every single student. I wonder how much bonding time – both with the students and mentors – I’m missing out on by not being in Brixton. 

When we’ve had a particularly harsh slating for our work following a pitch, the feedback hits harder when your only condolence is a blank screen. When the briefs pile in and coordinating Zoom calls takes time, there’s less space for idle chatter or walk-and-talks together. 

I’m hoping there’s still time to catch up, that online learning means getting a rapport going with everyone takes a little longer. There’s still a lot of team Checkout I’m yet to dance with.

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