Ben’s Sh*t Poems

Well well well, it’s that time already. Time for another SCAB.

I’ve really been enjoying Deanna’s poetry classes with us, she’s amazing her classes are amazing and my poems are…well…shall we say getting there.

I was going to edit up one of my poems I did in class where we used an object as inspiration.

What’s its taste it’s smell? I did mine on a skimming stone I keep in my wallet. So I licked a rock and wrote my poem.

Is it skimming or skipping? I dunno?

Anyway I was gonna post it as my Scab, thought it would be nice, share some stuff, but whilst I was doing that I found a note in my phone.

I’m writing this Scab on my phone cause my laptop was murdered in a coffee related incident, we move.

So yeh, I found this note on my phone entitled Shit Poems. This note was made before I even got accepted into SCA and as I read them I thought they were too good not to be seen. So here we are, Ben’s Shit Poems.

Dead bee on the floor makes me sad
I don’t know why, they could of been a cunt

I like this one cause I didn’t assume the bee’s gender

Scraping the burnt bits off toast, will never truly undo the damage done prior

Short, sweet, relatable, what’s not to like?

A man sat backwards,
on a child’s urinal.
What a bad haiku.

Ok, yeh this one is awful.

Here ends the reading.

I’m so sorry Deanna. I promise my poem for the sharing will be better! Who knows, maybe it won’t. We’ll soon find out


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