Berlin inspired Haiku – By @AroundSkadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini


Berlin inspired Haiku

This mid term break

I met some creatives

while in Berlin yo

First in a cafe

I drank a coffee with Pat.

Cool creative yo

The first thing I learnt

Craft is very important

Scamps are not enough

If you like it there

prepare to work very hard

In pairs or alone

German is a plus

Most work is done in English

But German is sick

After two hours

I moved to the next book crit

This time in a bar

Here I met Kenzi

And his partner came by too

Drank some beer at five

Their work is crazy

It was awesome to meet them

So inspiring

They gave me a crit

Said how we can improve it

Along with useful tips

Keep writing succinct

One sentence is what you need

Make it punchy, yo

Have a good night

My first haiku is complete

Happy hour team

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