About the best school in the world – By @Nunumrmas

Nuria Ramos

By Nuria Ramos


About the best school in the world

I learnt that the best school in the world is the want that is is built by yourself. Creating habits, doing networking, pushing yourself even harder, learning, being courious, collecting dots, managing your time… It’s always helpful to have the tools as SCA does to take it, or not, and start building your own path. 

But the best school in the world is that one that you never stop growing, even a placement, even a job or being the top top top of the industry. We need to learn everyday because if you don’t feel that you learnt something is because you didn’t give the most of you. It’s important to fail, to stand up again and try it until you achieve your goal. Trying? yes, it can’t be easy is the best school in the world. 

Sometimes will be so hard and this is why we have someone who rely on, our working partner, and with her or him we will share also our best moments. This industry seems to be hard but at the same time exciting. This is why doing creativity wake up something inside of me that makes me know that I am right doing advertising because It will be useful for everything. Business problems, product innovation, campaigns, problem-solvin or change the world to make it a little better. 

Have the possibility to be in the best school in the world give you the chance to do the best thing for the world and this, is one of the reasons why I do advertising. Basically to don’t do advertising and learn as much as I can of everything in this life.

The professional life start soon but I’ll never leave the best school in the world.

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