Blinded by a foreigner – By @melinaflp

By Melina Filippidou




Blinded by a foreigner


Delusion. That was last week’s theme. Ιt was the week of the five Fridays in a row.  The calendar may disagree but that’s how it felt.  And every single one of them started with a swag sun that was rudely hitting on London, making the whole city blush. And every single one of them finished with cold beer, hugs and just enough denial to make it until the next morning.

I can explain. There were two major chapters that gave that past week a storyline. Chapter number one: again, the sun. Oh yeah. Chapter number two: The fix-ups. The awkward, intense, SCA fix-ups.

The Sun

Although such an unexpected temperature change may be an serious symptom of a planet that’s basically going nuts, it’s hard to be negative and skeptical when you’re surrounded by happily free belly buttons, freckled noses and flirty little naked toes. That sun was clearly not English. It had probably emigrated from some Mediterranean island, Sicilia or maybe Crete and thought to give the North a try. The English were clearly not going to waste it. Brexit can wait, right? We all were desperate for it. I had almost forgotten that the sky can be other color than grey. The biggest issue with cold and wet and muddy weather is that the cold and the wet and the muddy do not stay on the outside. They usually find an opening, like a missed button or something, and they sneak into people. They flow up and down the body, looking for the brain and then boom. Hello darkness, my old friend. But with a bright sun all your problems become invisible. You still know they’re there but you can’t see them, because of all that glorious sunshine. Which brings me to the second chapter of the week.

The fix-ups

I like being surprised. The thought that someone has tried to decode me and guess my needs and my go-tos is quite exciting. Like most people enjoy receiving gifts from their friends and lovers, because they can’t wait to see if their loved ones “get them”. Until you open the present and you find a vibrating cock ring. Or a diamond tiara. Which are actually amazing gifts, but they’re not for you. So that week started with awkward break ups of teams followed by new pair-matches suggested by Marc.  And even though in this school there’s no way for any of us to end up with a partner that’s less than brilliant, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this partner is the right one. All we need to do is commit to this person for a bit, and give it a go. So where’s the problem, you’d ask. The problem is that the first days you spend with the new partner is the right time for you to bring your A game. It’s a crucial period that you should use to your benefit by showing your personality and your work style. What you should not do, is believe that somehow everything will be fine while you enjoy the warm weather and the cold beer. What I shouldn’t have done is let the foreign sun blind me.

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