Breakfast – By @susanmcfadzean

By Susan McFadzean


I remember you saying it’s the most important meal of the day. 
I remember buttered toast, jam on toast, ham on toast. 
I remember peanut butter on toast too. I remember it nearly gluing my mouth shut. 
I remember you carefully slicing melon and serving it in a bowl. 
I remember choosing müller corner yoghurts with chocolate balls and bannana chips. I remember you saying that’s not good enough. 
I remember drinking Tropicana straight from the carton.
I remember not being allowed SunnyD.  
I remember soft boiled eggs with soldiers cut too wide to dip. I remember turning the shell upside down to trick you into thinking we hadn’t eaten them yet. 
I remember Nutella on toast was only for Saturdays. I remember sometimes we were allowed it anyway. 
I remember pop-tarts definitely weren’t allowed. I remember knowing not even to ask. 
I remember when the shop started selling bagels. I remember plain bagels then sesame bagels and then cinnamon bagels. I remember thinking they were cool ‘cause Seth ate cream cheese bagels on the OC. 
I remember Calum said he liked Mini Weetabix. I remember then the cupboard was full of Mini Weetabix. 
I remember the layer of sugar I had to put on my normal Weetabix to make it taste good. 
I remember you drank black tea but you made mine milky. 
I remember watching the porridge spin around in the microwave. I remember you told me I’d get sore eyes from staring at the microwave. 
I remember the porridge got so thick we had to keep adding milk and we had ten times too much. I remember you said it’d feed half the British army. 
I remember warming Gran’s pancakes up in the microwave. I remember I put them in for one hour instead of one minute by accident. I remember there was still enough spares for everyone. 
I remember Special K and Coco Pops and All Bran and Frosties and Shreddies and Cheerios in our cereal cupboard. I remember Gillian loved Cheerios. 
I remember once we had French Toast with ketchup. I don’t remember who made that. 
I remember putting scones under the grill because they wouldn’t fit in the toaster. I remember burning them and trying to scrape off the black with a knife. I remember you nipped out to shop and got me more. 
I remember you chasing us out the door with fruit and a cereal bar when we were running late. 
I remember having breakfast before school every single day of my life. That can’t be said for over half a million school children in the UK every day. Magic Breakfasts is already solving this for 31,000 children every day because every child has the right to learn. But without a bowl of cereal, a bagel or slice of toast kids can’t concentration. So I want to help Magic Breakfasts nourish many more little learners. It’s only fair. 

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