“It’s like riding a bike”

The summer holiday midway point has now gone.

The countdown starts for the beginning of term two and the nerves and excitement are kicking in.

I’ve been trying to prepare for the coming term over my time off by reading some books and doing the homework that was set but making sure I space it out and do a bit every now and then so I don’t rush it and also most importantly, don’t forget it! This is the one thing I have been worried about while having time off.

Will I forget the tips and tricks I’ve learnt? Or will it be like riding a bike again?

To be honest, I feel it will be like riding a bike again but at first you don’t know where the pedals are. Then after a few weeks, you’re back on track riding like normal again. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from having time off it’s that you can easily slip out of rhythm and lose what you’ve gained in a way shorter amount of time than it took to learn it.

I’m hoping to really connect with someone in term two and become partners. This is something I’m looking forward to the most as it will be the next big step into venturing into the advertising industry. Also, it’s great to just have that one person to constantly go to and discuss ideas and to have your own creative buddy, I find that so exciting. It’s you and him/her versus the ad world, David versus Goliath (advertising addition), or some like that. Just having that extra brain to come up with ideas and also to kill your babies! Don’t worry not your real babies (see Marc Lewis for explanation).

As well as all the above I am also looking forward to networking. Connecting with all the agencies and putting a face to the names now that restrictions have lifted and people are safe to come and visit our school. Selling myself (and hopefully my future partner) is going to be a big thing in the next two terms. You can’t shy away from it and I’m so ready to get out there and make a name for myself with my ideas and work. Standing out is going to be the main thing for me when it comes to networking with the advertising world.

Well to end this SCAB, we can’t forget the other exciting thing and that’s the new cohort, which means more creatives to be around! This is something to look forward to and I know a few of us in STICK IT is ready to give them a warm welcome to SCA. Having the new cohort around will definitely liven up the place, which is also exciting. It gives us in STICK IT, a chance to help them out and relearn some of term one as I’m sure we will need a recap after being off for a while. I’ve been told that teaching someone what you know is a great way to dust of the cobwebs and ingrain and perfect the skills you have learnt.

So there you have it! My SCAB for the coming term. The excitement is building every day and I’m here for it!

See you soon SCA

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