Building advertising – a tower that’s never ending. By @MalouStitz

Malou Stitz

By Malou Stitz


Building advertising – a tower that’s never ending

Advertising is so many things, and a bit tricky to explain to people outside the creative world. It’s everything and nothing. It’s all around us, constantly playing tricks with our minds. Some elements are of course more obvious than others. 

Basically advertising is the action of calling public attention to something. And yet we need to understand who we are speaking to and what we want to say. And that is also tricky because our behaviour is constantly changing. Things are much more complicated nowadays than they used to be.  
Our job as creatives is not only to do great advertising. It’s also about setting the agenda for tomorrow’s advertising. We can’t just sit back and do nothing. 
The way we think we understand our consumers is changing. We live in a much more self-defining and self-staging world. We see a lot of purpose driven communication, as Neal Pavitt spoke about on Wednesday’s workshop. But consumers are now better at seeing through traditional advertising. They don’t like to be communicated at, they want to be communicated with. 
Todays consumers are also better at understanding brands and that requires a voice of authenticity, value and honesty.
Which again demands how we, the communicators, act as brand builders. A strong brand needs to have big balls these days. They must have the balls to stand for something. Not just being a brand, but a brand with attitude. So as the communicators that we are, working in advertising, being creatives, we need to build stronger stories with clever insights and take the focus away from being seen as a brand and put it on how we speak TO the world and not AT it.

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