Cannes Future Lions by @larrywrites

Lawrence Parmenter

By Lawrence Parmenter

A SCAB about Cannes Future Lions…

I hate competitions.

I never compete.

I much prefer taking the back door rather than lining up out the front.

Don’t win by being the best hammer in a sea of hammers, win by being the best screwdriver when

they need a screwdriver. That is how I live my life, underhand backroom deals.

However this school has changed me, or at least pushed me towards competing and oh it is


Running around making sure files are in the right format.

That we have enough resolution to scale things up.

Recording countless voiceovers searching for the best regional accent to best pronounce ‘Bupa’.

Filming undercover in pub toilets.

Oh how times have changed.

And now, after the deadline was moved, and I have finally submitted our video, I don’t know how to


Except it might be a bit like how Prince must feel after each recording, just before he starts the next

one. And if you didn’t get that reference, it’s that Prince has recorded a ton of unreleased material,

because he can’t stop being creative.

I guess the next competition is getting a job and being a proper grown up.

How terrifying.

But for now all I’m going to say is …


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