Chamber of reflexion – By @paboukratevans

By Pierre Aboukrat

Chamber of reflexion 

The title is a Marc Demarco song, but it’s more about what I’ve learned this week…sorry.  

I have the need to create ; even at Uni I wanted to create so much that I was going to the parc or going to the chill zone just to draw and make stories. But everything was confused and done the wrong way. I was going from writing, a comic to writing a film to writing a play. Anyway I know how to manage my ideas now. I can open or close my canal of creativity for the good of advertising. 


What did I learn this week : 

-how to work with others, it is good having good ideas -it is better to confront them with your partner. 

-scamp my ideas on a piece of paper, I will not overthink them nor I will not lose them. 

-practised my drawing techniques 

-brand new creatives techniques. 

-lots of good adverts 


Also, I’ve learned new expressions, my vocabulary is expanding so fast in the U.K. For sure, it is mostly insults or jokes but it helps me understand some of my favourite comics better like John Mulaney. 

Lot’s of learning at SCA but what I am loving the most about it is the fact that I can express myself, free from judgement. I can say my ideas and confront them with my partner, or with the crowd at town hall. 

If it isn’t right or I am not sure about it, someone is going to tell me. Basically, if it’s not good because I am cursed with knowledge somebody in this school is going with a sad face to tell me : « mmm, I am not a fan of it ». I know now that this is good, that you need to look at your baby in the eyes, tell him you love him and put it in the dumpster with his siblings.  

Then, I’ve learned about scamping and I am not good at drawing. While others excelled in the art of scamping, bringing their dreams to life on a piece of paper. I am here doodling stickmen on bikes. Drawing quality is a factor for having a mentor to choose your ad, I will do my best for that. Hopefully, by the end of the semester, I will draw like Picasso. Surrealism period of course.  

Moreover, I know creative techniques and that is amazing, knowing « why? » was already a life-changer. Now I have twelve brand new creative techniques that I am practising with every brief. It is interesting having something canalising your creativity. In a way, it will conduct what I want to express the best. However, I am digging perhaps too deep under the creativity. Sometimes, it is hard to judge my own ideas. For example, the last brief we had 2 hours of having ideas and in the end I had so many ideas that others did. That I had thrown away to go with an idea related, I mean that is crazy anyway. 



Ps : don’t be a little bitch about it. 

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