Dennis Engel

By Dennis Engel




  1. Why?
  2. Why not?
  3. Why did nobody saw it coming?
  4. Why do we have a national security agency?
  5. Why does everybody swap his rainbow profile pic against a French one? (I like rainbow colors.)
  6. Why do I suck at English but expect refugees to learn my language?
  7. Am I German or European?
  8. Where is the difference between German and European?
  9. Did I integrated myself enough in the British culture?
  10. Why does politics stands over humanity?
  11. What’s “Hello! Nice to meet you.” in Arabic? 
  12. How many croissants did Europe eat for solidarity reasons?
  13. Why does Marc always wear weired trousers?
  14. Why do these terrorists not want to live in Shoreditch in a fancy loft?
  15. Are gunshot videos more entertaining than good advertising?
  16. Why do I always ask questions?
  17. Why does god not help us?
  18. Is god to busy with updating his Facebook profile pic to help us?
  19. Am I allowed to ask questions like the last one?
  20. Why shouldn’t we rename our school in “School for better Communication”?
  21. Why am I not afraid of Muslims? (Zac I love you!)
  22. Why does Zac want people to not hate Muslims?
  23. What is Zac’s favorite Algerian dish?
  24. Why do I respect people with different point of views?
  25. Why have I never been in Beirut? I heard it’s beautiful.
  26. Does Donald Trump has an IQ over 173 Cheeseburgers? 
  27. Should I drink Vodka or Champagne at the weekend? 
  28. Why do I think that Muslims are people and Christians are people too?
  29. Why do people #PrayForParis instead of #HelpForParis?
  30. Why are people so stupid? 
  31. Why do I know so little about Syrian culture?
  32. Why do I have to read every question twice because of spelling-mistake-phobia?
  33. Why can’t we just chill?
  34. Why always males?
  35. Why do we always need to share our opinions?
  36. Why did I never visit a mosque?
  37. Why is Europe so bad in solving the refugee crisis?
  38. Do terrorists use tinder to choose their virgins in the “paradise”?
  39. Who needs war?
  40. Why did I learn the word “dutty” and “road-man” at the weekend?
  41. Why did I go dancing after the Paris Attacks?
  42. Why do you read my SCAB?
  43. Why is education so difficult?
  44. Why has ISIS nothing to do with Islam? 
  45. Why didn’t ISIS do the ice-bucket-challenge?
  46. Did the military ever fought for me?
  47. Who is so stupid to join the army these days?
  48. Who likes watching cat videos? 
  49. Why a concert with young adults and not The British National Party?
  50. What’s next?
  51. Do refugees celebrate Christmas?
  52. Why not supporting people in Nepal?
  53. Why is Zac such a good looking Muslim?
  54. Why do I dislike Halal slaughtering?
  55. Do terrorists drink Coca Cola?
  56. Why don’t we teach cultural understanding in schools?
  57. Why do I believe in creativity?
  58. Why is my mac book so expensive?
  59. Why? 
  60. Do we write history?
  61. Do I need to be concerned about asking questions openly?
  62. Why does ISIS deserves a hug? 
  63. Why do I believe in life?
  64. Why is SCA such a wicked place?
  65. Why do I get a creative education in a church?
  66. Why gender equality? 
  67. Do racists, Muslims and politicians have the same enemy? 
  68. How do we save the planet?
  69. When does the vice docu over the Paris attacks comes out?
  70. Who the fuck was Charlie again?
  71. Who the fuck is PEGIDA? (So many names these days)
  72. Why am I sometimes embarrassed of my German ID card?
  73. Why am I lucky to be born and raised in Germany?
  74. Has a Muslim ever been bad to me?
  75. Why did I post this image for Sup De Pub? 
  76. I prefer green tea over black tea. Why?
  77. Why Paris?
  78. What were the victims last thoughts? 
  79. Do terrorist do yoga? (If not, join our Wednesday group it’s awesome!)
  80. How do the victim’s families cope with the situation? 
  81. Why don’t you believe in god but in all this bullshit? 
  82. Why do you believe in god but not in all this bullshit?
  83. Which conviction would I die for?
  84. What happened yesterday after the fifth beer?
  85. Why can’t Spider-man be real and cope with the IS?
  86. Why is the shopping channel more informative than the fox news?
  87. Allahu Akbar? Why is god the greatest and R.Kelly the worlds greatest?
  88. Why do Britain’s like to take the piss out of my German accent? (I kno it’z funny!)
  89. Do suicide bombers have family? 
  90. What would Gandhi have said?
  91. How much love compared to hate was created through the Paris attacks?
  92. What do all these suicide bombers in “paradise” think about the attacks? 
  93. Why is the European Union so difficult? 
  94. What is integration? 
  95. What does integration mean to me?
  96. Why is London so expensive? 
  97. What was Syria like before the war?
  98. How often did you check your Facebook status during reading my SCAB?
  99. How will Europe be like in 20 years?
  100. What do I want to tell my grandchildren in 50 years? 
  101. What is it like to be a Muslim? 

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