Choose a mentor you want to learn from. By @TLarthe



Choose a mentor you want to learn from.

I noticed that a lot of students want to work for Big names because of their reputation or maybe their work, but ask them who is the CEO or CD of this agency and they’ll not know. That’s funny because at the end, they know where they want to work but they do not know who they are going to learn from.
« Don’t choose an agency you want to work for, choose a mentor you want to learn from. »
That is an important lesson I learned during the last 2 years.
Choosing an agency for it’s fame was my first mistake 2 years ago. I was new on the creative market, I didn’t have any experience and I wanted to work for the top agencies. When I had the chance to do my internship at Fred & Farid Shanghai (AD AGE’S 2016 INTERNATIONAL AGENCY OF THE YEAR) I immediately accepted. The first month was difficult because I was mentored by a junior creative that, clearly, didn’t wanted to work with me.
By chance the month after, one of the 3 creative director of the agency took me under her wing and offered to be my mentor for this internship. I learned a lot from her, and finally this experience was beneficial.
Choosing an agency for it’s creative work was my second mistake 1 year ago. After this experience at FF shanghai, I wanted to choose an agency with a unique creative style that I wanted to learn. I chose ROSAPARK Paris, a little French agency with a unique style that perfectly know how to create a good story telling. I learned a lot, but I wasn’t really mentored.
Mentor’s job is to give their mentees roots/ basics that will help them to have wings/ success. So for my next internship, i’m gonna choose wisely the agency and the creative I want to learn from.
These are my 3 dream mentors:
  • Magnus Jakobsson, ECD of Akestam Holst
  • David Droga, CEO of Droga5
  • Daniel Wright, ECD of Colenso BBDO

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