Happy Mondays – By @martamorientes

By Marta Morientes 


Happy Mondays

My usual way of choosing what to write about in a scab is the following process: 

A title appears in my mind at some moment.  

Later, I struggle during hours to write something about it.  

So here it goes, happy Mondays: 

I liked the title. 

And also, I bloody love Mondays. 

It’s not that I always liked Mondays (my favorite day of the week has always been Thursday) but since I moved to London I enjoy every day of the week so so much. 

I wanted to know if it was just me or more people shared the same feeling.

So I decided to ask amigos from HUSH what they think about it. 

I came up with different opinions, discussions, arguments and serious fights.  

No, serious fights no, but here are some opinions: 

“I don’t like them” (many people)

“Well, it’s a fresh start” (Lucy)

“I like Mondays only on vacations” (Gemina)

“It is the beginning of new things” (Antonio) 

“Monday is better than the middle of the week when we all reach a moment of crisis” (Dan) 

“I like Tuesdays, the middle of the week is better than Mondays” (Alysha)

“Definitely no” (even more people)


They fucking love it. 

On Mondays we tell our fun and random stories of the last weekend (yes!)

On Mondays we have slept enough to be normal humans (yes!) 

On Mondays we have new briefs (yes!)

On Mondays a whole new and unexpected week begins (yes!)

On Mondays the rest of the world is complaining about it, but we’re different (yes!)

On Mondays we are thinking about next weekend (yes!)

I have realised that if you aren’t jumping out of bed Monday morning, there is a problem. Well, I have never jumped out of bed in my life, but you know what I mean.

P.S.: Also, the band ‘happy mondays’ is pretty cool. Enjoy it. 

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