The Power of a Powerful Team by @MarcellaTarable

Marcella Tarable

By Marcella Tarable


The power of a powerful team

Me and Eytan recently partnered up together. We were one of the last.


We worked together at the beginning of the year and it didn’t really go well. 


When Marc suggested to try out with him again I was afraid. 


He has a big big character. And I have too. I was a afraid of clashing and bit by bit losing my personality and energy. 


He’s my friend first and for most. And friends don’t necessarily work well together. 


I didn’t really value him as a potential partner if I have to say the truth. 


But I jumped in promising to really try and put my 200% in, to try.


Since the beginning I struggled a lot to organise my time, structure isn’t really my best friend. 


He’s organised as a militant. He puts me in line. Planning is one of the many things he does extremely well. 


I know when I meet him I have to deliver.


Even though we both have a very strong character we manage to balance it well. 


He makes me feel comfortable to share ideas and go crazy.


My thinking has improved, my structure even more. I can’t work without a plan. 


I am finally coming out from the shell and show who I really am. 


That’s what a great partnership is, at least for me. 


Being able to feel extremely comfortable with sharing ideas, learn from each other and grow together. Having the same values and dreams in life is equally important.


I’m so excited to see where we’ll go.

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