Helena thinks this is her last SCAB. By @helenapelsmae

By Helena Pelsmaekers


Helena thinks this is her last SCAB

If I’m right, this is probably my last scab of the year, which is exciting and terrifying. In a weeks time we have our first portfolio day, I see that one as a test run. How to explain ideas, which ones will get good feedback, which ones don’t. The week in between that one and the second portfolio day is the week of changing things, killing things and making last minute new stuff.

It was useful to have alumni in just before the portfolio days. Them saying it’s not the ultimate day gives me less anxiety. The whole year you see it as an end. You’ll get placements or even a job and that’s it. But it keeps being a marathon and not a sprint, we don’t have to be perfect yet. It’s just a day of, if we’re lucky, getting initial placements to keep us going for a while and every now and then changing our portfolio and going back to other agencies for book crits while still holding that dream job or goal in sight.

Don’t even know how to begin to explain this year. When alumni say on your interview day it’s going to be a tough year, you can’t really begin to imagine what they mean. And there is no general toughness for everyone. Each person goes through a different kind of tough. Some people find something difficult, while it isn’t for others. So toughness is quite subjective.

I always find it difficult to explain the school to people who don’t know what it is, because I honestly can’t explain it to myself as well. And that’s a good thing, there is just so much to tell about the school. Friends and family don’t have a clue how much this year has changed me. In a good way for sure. So cheers Marc.

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