Enjoy the Pattern – By @13samuels

Sam Markham

By Sam Markham


Enjoy the Pattern

We were very fortunate to have David Pearl come and talk to us yesterday, it was very enlightening to say the least. What did he say that was so enlightening ?

Well , to start with he talked about death , not the usual stuff of master classes. Fear of death is a common human experience that has been explored in many traditions and David added very succinctly that a person is never bored once the weight of their own mortality has sunk in, our time is finite.

He talked about seeing his brother being hit by a car ( his brother was not seriously hurt ) when they were kids and how this changed his perception of life, if something seemingly bad can fall out of the blue surely the opposite can happen.

Good things can and will fall out of the blue.
Then to the streets for some wisdom. An exercise in really putting yourself in time with the universe. Something very profound happened to me in which I was presented a situation that  I was the instrument for something good falling out of the blue.

It was intense and still am processing everything… The bottom line of David’s message, life is here in front of you, engage.

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