Christmas Day Phone Call – By @TristanAmadeus

Tristan Amadeus

By Tristan Amadeus


Christmas Day Phone Call


One of our assignments during the holidays was to phone someone you haven’t spoken to in years.


It was Christmas day and I was sitting around with just my Mum and my Dad. The only family we have in the UK hates my Dad.  Long story short – his sister is trying to sue him for discrepancies over the inheritance.


So after three and a half long years, I phoned my Aunty. Wished her a happy Christmas and said I loved her and my cousins and missed them terribly. She cried and said the same. She then began to shed light on her side of the story. She then passed me over to my cousin John (Suzy was passed out). It was great hearing his voice again. He’s taken over his Dad’s business, plays semi-professional rugby and is still a little heart breaker.


We arranged to meet up next weekend. Hopefully I can glean more insights into what went wrong with my aunty and my dad. So glad I made the phone call.

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