Roast me

Shout out to all the people working at creative agencies about getting emailed the hell out of by aspiring creatives over the next few months as academic school years begin to draw to a close.

Book crits are going to be happening thick and fast. We’re going to be getting lots of feedback and probably told countless times that our stuff isn’t communicating what we think it is. It’s all subjective anyways so there’s no correct answer but we’ll be talking to some big dogs so maybe best listen sometimes? 

Some of my favorite feedback so far:

  • “get a bit more provocative”
  • “It feels a little first thought”
  • “Not something we haven’t seen already”
  • “Visual is a bit confusing”
  • “The work you’ve got doesn’t represent the set up”
  • “What is it that we are saying’
  • “There is more fun in the climbing over the fence than the execution”
  • “Lines are wrong”
  • “BIN IT” 
  • “People don’t give a shit if it’s in a poster!”

Never have I had a burning desire to be roasted before, it’s a strange feeling. Bring it on.

Until next time

Echo n out


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