Cliff edge Vibez – By @shepherd_sc

Cliff edge Vibez

[Shep sits at the edge of a cliff looking onward to the ocean in front of him. There’s a calm breeze that makes the grass dance. Shep takes a long breath in. It comes to him in a sense. Shepherd walks up to him, standing but a few steps away.]

Shepherd: Happy new year.

[Shep turns slightly to his right, not quite fully committing. A shallow smile appears.]

Shep: Happy new year to you too.

[Shepherd sits next to Shep.]

Shepherd: A new year huh?

Shep: Yeah a new year…

Shepherd: How does it feel?

[There’s a pause. Shep continues looking forward. Shepherd realises that Shep isn’t going to meet his gaze.]

Shepherd: Maybe I should have said how are you feeling?

Shep: feeling about?

Shepherd: Well about anything…what’s on your mind?

Shep: A lot of things

Shepherd: I know

Shep: It’s Season 2

Shepherd: Yeah season two…you are happy to make it to season two right?

[Shep is still. Shepherd nudges him to gest a response from him.]

Shep: Yeah of course. It’s still scary though…different season, different challenges and the challenges are much bigger, much harder, much more stressful.

Shepherd: Breathe

Shep: I am breathing

Shepherd: Well don’t breathe like that because that’s not the normal way to breathe

Shep: So now you’re telling me how to breathe?

Shepherd: Well yeah coz you aren’t doing it right.

Shep: So what’s the correct way?

Shepherd: Well not like that.

 [Shep is becoming annoyed.]

Shepherd: Look it’s scary, things are moving forward, and things are moving forward with you. Shep you made it to season two not because you could not get here… but it’s because you could get here. It’s a new year but it’s still you. It’s up to you where and what happens. Guess what you’re still here, still fighting, still wanting this.

[Shep heavys his head. Exactly knowing what Shepherd had said.]

Shep: Guess you are right

Shepherd: Shep I’m you, I’m not wrong

Shep: Funny

Shep: So, what now?

Shepherd: Well, you do everything that you wanted to do.

Shep: World domination?

Shepherd: No

Shep: But…

Shepherd: Not yet

Shep: Gfdhvslvbijb*

Shepherd: Language!

Shep: School scary, still good. TBH it really scares me how big of an importance to me it is to succeed. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever wanted to succeed at. And it’s what’s gonna be a part of how my future will shape. So, I am freaking…like freaking freaking.

Shepherd: Still here though. Did I ever teach you how to breathe?

Shep: Huh?

Shepherd: Ok, I meant to say… you have this, don’t stress. You went from no seasons to doing season one now you on season two. You’re gonna make it to your own show.

Shep: You don’t know that.

Shepherd: You didn’t know the school now you in it and in season two…you got this.

Shep:…So I’m going to have a lambo?

Shepherd: …. You need to ask Marc, Amy, Max and Marcia about that. I don’t have all the answers.

Shep: But you’re me

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