Coming Home – By @iroxdesign

Coming Home

Once the School week was over, I was packing up all my things to go home to the Midlands on Saturday – yes dear reader, I am finally at home with my family as a Support Bubble! I only wish lockdown had been lifted the week before when I didn’t have as much work to do. As such I missed an entire day faffing around packing up everything I need, goodness only knows I may not be allowed back at the flat again if another lockdown is imposed – so had to make sure I had everything I needed for next term Online. It required several more trips than usual to the car because of the stuff I use for School, it’s mental how much I need!

When I finally arrived home it was late, so I looked up at the sky. One of my favourite rituals I do whenever I arrive back in the countryside, just gazing upon the twinkling night sky – never get to see this in London. Although this time I couldn’t see any stars, just Mars as bright as anything right above our house!

After bringing in my stuff in I had to shower (just to be on the safe side) then my other favourite ritual is petting the cat like crazy. I missed her SO badly while I was away! She looks well actually, last time I saw her she was looking a little frail and unwell. So my brother’s been looking after her really well making sure she has her medicine when she needs it – he’s the best Cat Dad in the whole world (as my cat will attest to!). She sleeps beside him all the time and weirdly, judging from the photos mum has been sending me of them, they look symmetrical! She literally IS a Copy-cat. It’s wonderful to see her so well and happy, as well as the rest of my family too – even though they’ve had their own stresses to cope with as of late.

Then had a meal together, Salmon! I felt so special, love it (and so does the cat…). We all chatted away as if we hadn’t seen each other in a lifetime. As it eventually became later I didn’t set up my School things until afternoon of the next day. Then the stress of School work really started setting in again, with all the deadlines and new briefs to come at the beginning of the week. Agh if only I had another free day, to make up for the lost day, to get on with our current Portfolio Brief and lots more besides.

I’ve had to tell my family that unfortunately, for the next couple of weeks while School is still going on, I won’t be that sociable with them – just because of all the work we’ve been and will be set during this time. As soon as School finishes for the Christmas hols I’ll get to celebrate my birthday with them, so that’s something for me to look forward to!

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