Game of Bones * Spoilers!!! * By @pzelizalde

By Patxi Elizalde


Game of Bones * Spoilers!!! *


Okay, Game of Thrones last night was wild. A flurry of fire and ice in darkness. Blood, screams, dirt, battle cries. This accounted for about 90% of the episode, more or less. It was all done really well (besides maybe the extreme darkness of it all, making it a bit hard to follow). All that action could have been an episode on its own, and it still would’ve been sick. But, this wasn’t the only thing that happened. There was more to this episode… So so much more.


First off, many people died. Perhaps not as many as I thought, or as I would’ve liked (c’mon Brienne would’ve been perfect to kill off! And Sam, love you man but you gotta go.), but many nonetheless. We’ll definitely be missing some key characters, though. Like Theon Grayjoy, formerly known as Reek, who died valiantly, protecting the golden boy (young three eyed raven) he once tried to kill. Like Melissandre, who was around since the beginning, and no one knew why, until she saved the entire population of Winterfell from being swarmed by the undead with her powers (she was always a bit sketchy though). And like one-eye fire sword guy. I didn’t really know that character too well, but damn did he look cool. And finally, good ol’ Jorah. We all knew this was coming, but it definitely still stung. Although damn, that guy can take a beating.


Anyway, while there are many people that we will miss in the next few episodes, there is one person in particular I know nobody will. Goodbye mister smug ass Night King. Finally. For once and for all. Winter has come, and winter has passed. Taking along the frozen dust left behind by the one that was once called the Night King. The scene of his death has got to be one of the top 5 scenes in any Game of Thrones episode. I don’t think anyone saw Arya coming, and I really don’t think anyone saw that knife fake coming either.


That one scene, for me, made up for all the little flaws in the series’ history. It was the perfect end of the battle. The perfect villain death, and the perfect hero to arise as the savior of the world. That scene made me proud to have followed this series for so long.


But the question is: what now? With all this having happened in the 3rd episode of the series, what will come in the next? Cersei’s face wasn’t even shown this past week, John and Daenerys haven’t even really acknowledged the whole Iron throne thing, and… does Bran even matter anymore?


Many questions to be answered, only two episodes to go. I guess we just have to wait and see how it all unfolds next week.

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