Commitment – By @thefuerst

By Martin Fürst



Term 2 is now officially over. And with one foot we’re already in Term 3. The Easter assignments don’t give us the break we really need, but there is an intention behind it. The six campaigns plus Future Lions idea are actually asking us a question.

Are we ready to fully commit?

Yes. I think most of us are. We already experienced how these assignments work over the Christmas break. Suddenly we had campaigns to work on for our portfolio. It instantly pushed us forward. I’m not sure if this counts for everybody, but for me, it’s also important not to interrupt the flow of New Blood. Since we submitted our entries, the speed of work stayed the same.

I made a new portfolio with my new partner, made the Scholarship competition and worked on live briefs. Somehow it kept me not only busy but focused. Focused on what I want to achieve.

Train my Art Director skills to a new level. At the beginning of SCA, I wasn’t sure at all what I wanted. And in my interview with Marc, I even told him I wanted to switch to copy – sorry Marc, won’t happen.
Now I’m fully committed to be the best Art Director I can be.

Besides one great portfolio or even more, who knows, I want to get more entrepreneurial. A good first step towards it will be publishing our game entry for New Blood. But there is more coming.

One of the great things Jem and I have in common is the drive to put stuff out there in the world. Getting feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Reflecting on my previous years as a designer, I would say one of my best skills is to learn on my own. But learning by doing requires the opportunity to do stuff. And what could be a better place for that than SCA? Nonetheless, we should make our own opportunities. With brilliant mentors to guide us and a great industry network, I hope we can give birth to one or more great ideas and be genuinely proud of them. And foremost continue to raise them after SCA. Giving our portfolio the character it deserves.

This sounds all great and could seem arrogant. But honestly, this is not my intention. I know many haven’t found their right partner yet. And I know I can consider myself lucky. A partner is to some degree crucial, but it doesn’t require one to commit fully to term 3.

One year ago I submitted my New Blood entry, which lead to where I am now. At that specific time period, I knew change was coming. I forced myself to think about my future. I worked night shifts on my New Blood entry, invested countless hours into a W+K application in Amsterdam and continued my day job. The same feeling of full commitment is driving me to do my best in term 3.

…it will dictate my opportunities. …it will influence my future.
…it will tell me who I am.

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