In a world of noise and chaos,

Where everything seems to be on show,

I find comfort in my own little world,

A world that I only know.

My thoughts are like a symphony,

Each one playing its own unique tune,

A never-ending melody of complexity,

That often leaves me feeling immune.

But sometimes, the outside world beckons,

And I’m forced to step out of my shell,

To face a world that often confounds me,

A world that sometimes rings loud like a Bell.

Blending in with the crowd,

To act the way that I should,

But sometimes it all becomes too much,

And I retreat back into my own little world.

My mind is a labyrinth of wonder,

A place where anything is possible,

A place where I can be Aimee,

Without the fear of being judged by all.

I may be on the spectrum,

But that doesn’t define who I am,

I am unique and wonderful,

A shining star in a world of bland.

So, if you see me lost in thought,

Or dancing to my own beat,

Just know that I am happy,

In my own little world, so sweet.


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