Continuous shot SCAB

This SCAB is the last of the term from me so I’ll use it as a roundup of thoughts and reflections so far. I didn’t even know I had one, I saw my name in italics, have no idea what that means. I called it a continuous shot SCAB, as this will all be done with no edits and stopping to think what to say, much like a continuous shot in a film with no cuts. The SCA has become my new home and I love the place. I’ve learned so much, I can finally can make stuff that kinda looks like I envision, I catch myself thinking differently about things which is cool, less noticeable when with SCA cohort but very when with outsiders. That’s a material change that I didn’t even think would happen before I applied and something that I’m probably most proud of. I think time management is one thing I discovered I’m probably not good enough at, balancing SCA internal/external lives has been tough and ‘necessities’ (working etc) have all but gone out the window during the week. Planning how to optimally incorporate all this while dealing with an increased workload next term will be a big part of my Christmas break. On the topic of the break I am grateful for the rest but also getting reverse Monday blues about not coming in for a week. I think the biggest strength of SCA is the people, crazy mentors and crazy students all rubbing off on each other has been an immensely good thing for me and I hope to absorb more and more as time goes on. I’ve found I put off stuff way less now, I used to put off a whole lot of shit just because I could, uncomfortable conversations, laundry whatever. The practice of being able to just do something, anything in a short amount of time for briefs has really translated into a lot of other areas into my life. The breadth of education has really forced me to come into myself, seeing as its only term 1 I’m excited to see how different I come out the other end of the course (I hope). For years prior to the course, I had friends with whom we were kinda interested in the same stuff, one of the unsung benefits of this place as it’s helped me find people who are into the exact same shit as me but different, if that makes any sense; which is a really nice feeling. I don’t really have anything much else to say to be honest. All in all it’s been a great couple of months and I’m excited for those to come, but I’m already having future nostalgia of when this wonderful Brixton chapter comes to a close. That one call booked a few days before course started in some sort of moonshot lottery thought ended up being a really good idea. “Book a call with the Dean” – best link I’ve ever clicked 10/10.


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