CSP aka Creation Struggle Process – By @hachanitedj

By Tedj Hachani


CSP aka Creation Struggle Process


Hey there !


It’s my first post and I can’t wait to get started! My name is Tedj Hachani, I’m 21 years old coming from a small town in Lorraine (french region).



How amazing is that? Being able to share my instant thoughts with you all! This adventure is going to be amazing!


If you need to know 5 things about me :


-I love making videos

-I put pressure on myself for no reason

-I want to travel the world, creating content

-I’m impatient

-I believe that one day, I’ll get the Spiderman powers I’ve been dreaming of having.



With that being said, I want to share with you what I call the « creation struggle process ».

Creating has always been a way for me to shape my own reality, where i can do whatever i want, and bring a unique vision to the world around me. Creativity has no limits, and we’re all capable of pursuing what we love by creating our reality.

However, the creation process is often tricky. No idea? No inspiration? No desire to create at that specific moment? I say NO PROBLEM.


I spend hours/days staring at my laptop, trying to come up with good video/editing ideas. I often want to quit, and delete that video idea. But that’s why I love creating content, not only because there’s an awesome finality to it (sharing your creation with an audience), but because I really enjoy the process! And we should all enjoy it, that’s what makes the whole thing challenging. I am pretty sure that we all love that feeling when all of a sudden an idea sparks and everything starts to make sense!


The key element is to stay focus, to stay true to yourself, and do your best to be proud of what you create. Even if it takes hours, days, weeks, event months and years. Sometimes you’ll have to restart from scratch and try again, and again… I remember working on my showreel 2017 video, i spent days editing it, i finished my 3rd or 4th draft and I wasn’t really that proud of it but I thought it looked cool so i showed it to my friends and they told me that it wasn’t « me », they didn’t get that feeling of excitement they usually have when they see my work. From that moment, I knew I’d have to spend long hours on it again. So I did, and I can tell you that when I finished the editing part, i felt so happy and proud. I’m so glad I went through that process of struggle, because it enabled me to work even harder, and smarter.


This is a reminder to all of our creative minds, let’s enjoy the CSP.


I know i talk a lot about making videos, unfortunately, most of my work isn’t available yet! Few reasons for that, I deleted some of my previous videos because I wanted a fresh start. The majority of the content I create is for clients, or other people (DJs, companies, etc..).  BUT, you can still follow my journey on Instagram.  As Lucie Pontier said in her SCAB « no, i’m not looking for followers ».


Ps : I am working on amazing projects that will be released soon




I can’t wait to meet you all!


See you soon,



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