Dancing on my own – By @aliceburden1

By Alice Burden


Dancing on my own 


For this weeks group SCAB we discussed who we would like to be our partners. Although I honestly didn’t know who I would choose, since it’s only week 5, I started to think about what I’d like in my prospective partner. 

  1. You find me funny 

Honestly this is my top priority. There is nothing worse than saying something a bit weird and being stared at, then having to say “it’s a joooooke”. Criiiinge!! 

  1. Shared interests and references 

This week I worked with Alex which has been great as he is from my hometown, went to the boys school equivalent of mine and we’re about the same age. We could chat about cultural references without having to explain them. 

  1. Better than me 

I want to work with someone who is better than me. Obviously, I need to look past the screaming imposter within myself and realise I do have some merit, but the person I work with has to push me to work harder and better. 

  1. Have the same goals 

I want to make culturally significant and iconic ads. I want people quoting us. You have to truly want it as much as me. 

  1. Same work ethic 

We operate in the same time zone, both morning people, and understand that the real deadline is actually the day before. Saying this, you also need to be able to take a break and have fun. I want someone who is ambitious, but I don’t want you to burn out! You don’t take yourself too seriously, and that’s what I like about you. 

  1. You respect me 

I would like a partner who also thinks I’m great and respects the work I do as well. They should also respect my life choices, whether that be getting blind drunk every so often or wanting to start a family. Also you don’t judge my occasional unhealthy lunches. 

  1. We’re friends? 

We’re going to be spending more time together than we do with our families. It’s only right that we’re friends… at least at the start. 

  1. You compliment my outfits every day 

I cannot stress this enough. 

  1. You’re honest 

I am an honest person, and I want you to be honest back – but, like, in a nice way. 

  1. Yes and 

You listen to me, like what I say and you build on it. I want a partner who shares the load. An idea should feel like neither of us came up with it; it should just be a natural part of our flow. 

It kind of hurt that no one chose me in the group SCAB, but I also realised that it’s only a month in and I’ve still got about 30 more people to work with. Besides, if I was already so amazing that everyone wanted to work with me, I probably don’t need to be at SCA. I’m certainly trying harder with my work and using the techniques we learnt last week, so maybe this time next week I’ll be on some peoples lists. 

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