I had a SCAB due yesterday; who knew?

Not me that’s for sure. I knew some other things yesterday, like that plants can make music, monkeys have vertical abdominal muscles, and 1 in 5 young people in the UK now has a Buy Now Pay Later debt. But I had no clue about my SCAB.

Now what? Well, I’m definitely losing some points (unless Shannon and the wonderful team take pity on me – or perhaps take a moment to think about how nice it would be, in April, to be casting a hazy thought back over the second half of the second term; arms heavy, eyes glazed over, and mouths totally full – barely able to speak or move at all – due to the insane amounts of M&S cupcakes I bought them because they didn’t grass me up…).

But that little missed blog post also means the end of my 0-SCA-deadlines-missed record; one that I’ve been feverishly keeping alive since the start of term, yet the existence of which had never once occurred to me until now.

Oh well – ‘next time’ are the too most powerful words at the SCA (and there are many of them – apparently I still have another 9 SCABs to write, before my return to the barren expanse of a SCAB-free life). But next time what exactly? What about next time will be better?

The School’s wisdom tells me that I failed to plan therefore I planned to fail. And with D&AD coming up, time management – we’re told – is about to become the difference between new pencils and same old biros. So basically, not a bad time to get my workload organised and my schedules schedulised.

So that’s just what I’ve done. All SCABs are in my Google Calendar until the end of term, with reminders set a week before. And, what’s more, – drum roll please – I proudly present my first ever weekly plan. 

(Yes literally ever; not once in 30 years have I done this. You are, right now, watching me lose my virginity*).

*Of making weekly plans.



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