Death of Marvel

Have you read creativity Inc? I highly recommend it, especially to those at Marvel. If you’ve read it, then hopefully you’ll understand I’m trying to be candid. 

Anyway, I saw ‘Ant-man and the wasp: Quantumania’ the other day and to sum it up, it was a film of a parallel universe to Star Wars, where someone turned up the visuals to the max, but in return had to dial the story down to minimum. 

But to sum up my thoughts on the film, it was great, visually. As usual, they met the insanely high Marvel standards, there were countless cool visuals that made me wish I was there and believe in the world of this film. Almost. There was this nagging thing in the back of my mind whilst I was watching the film; do I really believe what’s happening, and how is it happening? It felt like I had to figure out certain hidden rules of the marvel film in order for things to make sense. There were countless times where I thought I had to hold all these questions in mind as if they were pieces to a puzzle, and only once I had all the pieces could I form a picture of everything. For example, the main characters get sucked into the quantum realm, along with an ant farm. But by the end of the film we find out that the ant farm somehow lived thousands of years and developed their own technology and became an advanced civilisation, but the main characters went on like normal. Am I crazy for questioning how that makes sense? Additionally, if they were an advanced civilization, then why did they go to battle, charging in like a horde of mindless berserkers, where’s all their technology and weaponry? I wish I could give more examples right now, but the truth is I have terrible memory. To be even more harsh, I felt like no one in the cinema felt particularly invested and worried about whether the main hero would win and come out on top, while the big bad boss lost and failed miserably. 

Is it just me or does it feel like Marvel’s standard is dishing out polished turds. To be fair they are one of the best at polishing them. Their films are usually satisfying and fun to watch. It just feels like they need something different to happen with their brain trust (I assume they have some form of it). 

Although I’m someone who has no experience critiquing or trying to make a film, or know anything about it. I’ve arrived at a point with Marvel films where it feels like they are making films for the sake of making films and the chance of having a Marvel film with a great story is like rolling a pair of dice and landing 6 on both of them. I get that they have deadlines and everything, they have this whole timeline of the marvel Universe and films they want to get out. But what’s the point of the timeline if everything along the way was crap. 


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