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Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini



Do Breath


Do/ Breathe /Calm your mind /Find focus/ Get stuff done.

I have to admit that before starting this school i would never have dreamt of doing any  yoga or  reading a book that mainly talks about yoga.I remember before leaving for London,long talks i had with my mother about the fact that i found thoses subjects  silly!Sorry mum you were right.

Do/ breath…. can be seen as  a good introduction  on all that can be called Yoga.

It teaches you how to concenrate,how to find calmness during your day and how to get things done! It is simple and easy to read and the book has not only a good containt but as well gives you  good tricks on things you can do every day.

here are a few things i read  that i started to do everyday:

-take a break,even only 2 minutes long,detach from everybody and everything, go in your corner and relax.

-Create a to do list for yourself and you will see how satisfactory it is  and how it creates mental order for yourself.

-The sun saluation yoga excercice  not only does  good to your soul but as well awakes your body aching after a night of sleep. 

-eat and sleep a lot and you will be full of energy.
-wake up a few minutes earlier in the morning and stay in bed a few minutes longer just breathing.  
-in the evening empty your mind and try t do things which help you  detach from your work.

– to clean the space around you ,will make your mind feel much better

-When you are stuck,get out,breath and you will see the world under a different angle.

those are a few of the different  tricks given by this book which i  warmly recommand everybody to read!

And remember..think less and do more…sometimes its good to do things without thinking!

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