Do ideas come down to luck? By @Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee


Do ideas come down to luck?

So yesterday myself and Adriano entered our Cannes entry. After dozens of ideas that had been explored and many scripts had been written, we both came to the conclusion that none were strong enough and others that we thought had potential ended up as ideas that had already been done or at least were too similar to stand out and be unique.
After finalising our strongest idea, the day before the deadline our entry was shot down. It was back to the drawing board and we had 24hrs to come up with something new, innovative, potentially life, if not world changing. 
The annoying things with ideas, is that the best ideas are simple, but getting to that point isn’t. 
Or at least, not always.
Sometimes you stumble across ideas, a mere coincidence. You unearth an insight that is so obvious yet required a lengthy, brain-hurting process. Or sometimes you can stop in the middle of a frustration, acknowledge that it’s a problem and think how you can change it.
One problem with finding a new tech, was when I was  searching, lots of things had already been applied to problems that need to be solved. Being a person that lacks a scientific/ tech brain, it was difficult to know that when the idea is stripped back, what the actual tech is and the potential it, but also find a cultural problem that could significantly benefit from this.
It was quite funny as we were sat on the bus on the way back from a book crit going through idea after idea from solar panelled bricks to water pipes that create energy desperately trying to find something we could do. The people on the bus must have thought we were crazy.
When we eventually came up with the idea we submitted we both agreed that it was far better than any of our previous ideas and amazingly we managed to pull off a video with time to spare before the deadline at 6.
Ideas are funny things. They come when you least expect it, in my case, usually at the last minute. 
Is it luck? 

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