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Tom Manning






By Tom Manning


Is this…good?

Is this an idea?

Has it been done?

Would anybody ever even consider doing this?

Fuck it. I’ll write it down.

Fuck. It looks so much worse written down.

New sheet of paper.


There have been many moments of doubt at SCA. It’s normal. We’re not that good yet. We still make work that is constantly disappointing us because it’s never quite what we had in our head.


Sometimes you have a moment where you gasp and scribble something down. Then you stare at it on the page and your energy quickly evaporates.


Sometimes you have a moment where you gasp and scribble something down. Then you stare at it on the page and you think, ‘THIS IS FUCKING IT’. You show your partner and they nod and fold their arms. Bingo. You call a mentor over, show them what you’ve got, and they don’t share your excitement. Everything disintegrates and it’s back to the beginning.


If you don’t like the work you’re doing right now—if it’s diluted with opinions—it’s going to be weak and half-arsed. Pete told us yesterday that everyone is against you. Everyone is trying to fuck with you and your ideas. You, the ‘creative’, is the only person with no ulterior motives besides making a great ad, and have to fight, bite and shoulder-barge people out of the way to get it. He told us to voice our opinions, because if we don’t, one day our ads will turn up on a billboard or TV and the only thing you’ll see is the thing you wished you’d changed.


This week was the first week I really asked myself, what is the kind of work I want to create? When you know the answer, you know the mentors that can help you achieve it, the agency that’ll best suit you and the kind of book you’re striving to create. You’ll know why you’re at SCA and what you should really be doing for the next 6 months. That’s a powerful feeling. It gives you with a sense of control that’s often missing at school.


Doubt is natural, but it shouldn’t be normal. Bravery, self-belief and a strong set of opinions should be the norm we’re seeking.

Playwright George Bernard Shaw said it better. “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

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